[ ] Following TOS

        - Rule 1: Following TOS: 

- Please make sure to read and abide by the TOS. This server abides by it 100%.  - You need to be 13+ to join this server. (https://dis.gd/ToS) Terms of Service.

[ ] NSFW Content

         - Rule 2: NSFW Content: 

- This server doesn't allow any NSFW content to be present in any channel.  
- If any user is caught with an NSFW profile pic, then they'll be banned swiftly without warning. 

[ ] Doxxing and/or Threatening Members

         - Rule 3: Doxxing and/or Threatening Members: 

- Doxxing and threatening members in our community is not allowed, if you're found out by doing this you'll be banned without warning, and a report will be sent to discord's Trust and Safety team. 

[ ] Harassment

        - Rule 4: Harassment: 

- Any content inside the server, or outside of it containing hate speech will not be tolerated. 
- Harassing a user because of their race, sex, age and ect is not be tolerated. And the proper punishment will be received by the attacker. 

[ ] Channel Rules

        - Rule 5: Channel Rules: 

- Please read the rules at the top of every channel, and follow what it says. 

[ ] Venting and/or Serious Topics

        - Rule 6: Venting and/or Serious Topics: 

- We do not allow venting or serious topics to be discussed in this server. All channels are pg.13 and they'll not be influenced by such content. 
- If any user is caught talking about self harm in a public chat room, they'll be muted accordingly. 

[ ] General chat guidelines

        - Rule 7: General chat guidelines: 

- No loud noises of any kind are tolerated in the VC channels. 
- We don't allow drama here, if there's anyone starting, spreading, or speaking of it you'll be moderated accordingly. 
- There's absolutely no advertising in this server, this also includes DM advertising. If you're caught doing so you'll be banned without warning. 
- We don't allow spam, or copy pasta to be spammed in our general channels.

 If you feel like someone is breaking a rule that isn't listed, DM a staff member. 

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