Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions.

Your generous donation will fund our mission to be one of the largest discord servers.

Running a server on Discord unfortunately has some high costs. From paying our bot developers, hosting a Minecraft server, hosting a website and advertising, we need community support! 


The main way to support the server financially is with Patreon.  


Patreon Supporting 


  Being a Patreon support helps directly fund our server, paying for all of our essential running costs.

Our Patreon rewards scale entirely with your pledge amount. For example, the lowest tier $1 and $5 you'll receive a hoisted Patreon supporter role, access to Patreon-only VCs, you can choose from a pre-set of colors to change your name color in chat, and more! For our midrange tiers being $20 - $40, you'll get rewards such as a text-channel within the server that you can name/edit/change, You will be given a custom role/color of your choice, you can discuss with Puppy about getting a custom-command and You can choose from a pre-set of colors to change a friends' name color in the chat. (Must be approved). x2. For our highest tiers of supporters (40-75) you can expect to see your own custom role hoisted below staff, custom commands, shoutouts in announcements and much more!

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