Patreon Income - $189

We're going to publicize how we spend our money. Some people have questioned what we put the pledges towards, and I feel like this is the best way to shed light on that matter.

The interactive chart below shows how we spend our income to support the Winterhaven Community.

Meet The Staff Team

[Owner] SpiritPupper

Name: Puppy/Spirit 
Bio: Furry • Twuble Maker • Pwofessional Pwocrastinator •
Likes: Playing dead, treats, kibble, peanut butter, Awooing and @ everyone and walks.
Dislikes: Drama and Meanies. 

[Admin] Horsey, God Of Snugs

Name: NightMare/Horsey
Bio: Howdy y'allins, names NightMare and if you happen to not know me I am just a kind and caring gay horsey. Most of my time is spent listening to music, playing games, being a dummy, and VCing in the server with Spirit and a few others. I am almost always available to dm unless I am busy.

Likes: Hay, Oats, snuggling, being affectionate, gaming, heavy metal.

Dislikes: Well, not much to be honest, pretty open to new things. N' that's all, any questions, comments, concerns feel free to dm me about em. Look forward to meeting and talking with y'all

[Admin] Zephyr The Tiger ✨

Name: Zephyr Jericho
Bio: I'm a white tiger! grrr! I'm always spreading happy vibes, making sure everyone has a smile on their face. thats my goal c; I'm a graphic designer! I love music, specifically indie pop. (more like conan gray lmao) I play the piano and violin, i'm in some symphonies >.<
pred is adorable
likes: Pouncing, booping, drinking choccy milk, saying uwu, throwing burnt quesodillas across the room
dislikes: spiders o.o

[Mod] Vaful

Name: Norva?

Bio: So I'm from Australia and I'm 15? If you wanna know more, get to know me

Likes: Dwagons uwu, food, sleeping, people with good mics in vc and more dragons

Dislikes Puppy tagging staff, Puppy reminding me to do the bump and Puppy saying no to griefing on the mc server

[Mod] Chazzy

Name: Chazzywolf

Bio: goofy fluffball, love talking with others. I'm a bit shy at first but once you get to know me you'll soon realise I'm completely bonkers. I'm very loving and caring but don't think I won't put my foot down when I have to. I'm getting married to my wonderful fiance Jak

Likes: tacos, goofy conversations, more tacos, home alone parties

Dislikes: bullies, liars, bad memes

[Mod] Promise Keeper of Promises

Name: Promise
Bio: 18, Highschool Senior, Spend a lot of time online so @ me if you need me and I'll respond the best I can as soon as I can!
Likes: Furry stuff obviously, Video games, Listening to Music, and Talking to all you peeps!!
Dislikes: Haters, Drama, Homework, etc.

[Mod] Flo, Feline Floofmaster

Name: Flo
Bio: friendly, fluffy feline from Germany that wants cuddles! I can be shy, but also really talkaktive from time to time,
so dont be suprised :NekoLaugh: 
Likes: Cuddles, pouncing, music, video games, driving, doing sports and workouts, 
Dislikes: Hate, attention seekers and car-touchers and some more :NekoSad:

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